Sporting Air Rifles Part 2 Shooting Live Quarry


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DVD 211201
Running Time: 65 mins

Andy Richardson owns Safari In Scotland specialising as a Goose and Woodpigeon guide and is a recognised expert in the field of air rifle shooting and this programme has been designed to show exactly what can be achieved using modern air rifles and scopes.

The programme covers a history of air rifles by John Knibbs who has had many years experience in the air rifle business and who has seen great advances in the capabilities of air rifles as weapons.

Checking the rifles and scope is all important and this is explained before shooting in the field commences.

Rooks are an increasing agricultural pest and are predators of game birds eggs. The sequence shown covers Richardson reducing rook numbers by shooting branchers in the rookery in May.

Rabbits cause severe damage to agricultural crops and Richardson explains the field craft required to stalk rabbits in the open in the daytime and the techniques use to lamp rabbits at night.

Feral pigeons are a disease risk and they do contaminate feed for human and animal consumption. The action shows Richardson shooting around the farm buildings by day and returning to the same buildings at night having great success using a night vision scope.

The programme concludes with a section explaining that quiet observation and awareness is all important to the air rifle shooter.