Pinewood Sporting

As the innovators of both modern and traditional pigeon shooting equipment we are the producers of the finest pigeon decoys and pigeon shooting products available in the U.K. We are the only company in the field manufacturing and supplying the discerning pigeon shooter. We supply a great variety of items for the shooter, but our main speciality is the range of pigeon shooting equipment which includes the top quality Advantage Rotary, flappers, timers, flocked decoys, floaters, camouflage nets and all the rest of the equipment which the pigeon shooter needs.
At Pinewood we are a highly experienced team of shooters with a wealth of experience gained over many years in all forms of shooting. We spend hundreds of hours in the field ensuring our that our purposed-engineered products do exactly what they are supposed to do. This is why our equipment is used and recommended by some of the most respected shooters in the country and abroad.