Sporting Air Rifle Part 3 Shooting Live Quarry 2


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DVD 211202
Running Time: 50 mins

Join Safari in Scotland’s Andy Richardson in glorious rural Fife as he shows you the great range of quarry that can be taken with a sporting air rifle. Andy is a renowned shooting guide and expert shot as he shows time and again in many conditions and locations.

At the outset Andy takes you through the setting up of a new rifle straight from the box showing the best way to mount the scope and bipod as well as attaching a sling. He then takes you on a series of shooting trips in search of the quarry that can do so much damage to crops and livestock.

First up Andy is shooting pigeons as they sit in trees in a small patch of woodland in the winter. Using the trees as a rest for the rifle, pigeons are cleanly killed as they sit and digest the crops they have no doubt been feeding on in the surrounding farm land. Shooting corvids is also featured as the shooting moves into the spring.

Rabbits are next on the agenda as Andy goes stalking this most wary of prey. Through the sequence you will see the importance of careful stalking as well as patience in the taking of the shot.

Finally Andy goes after that real agricultural pest, the feral pigeon as it comes into barns and outbuildings. Shooting from the Land Rover, the birds are taken as they roost in the joists of a cattle shed. In addition there is some great footage of shooting crows as they fly in to raid cattle feed bins as well as some superb shooting in the dark at a roost teaming with birds.

Combining great footage with superb hints and tips for shooting in the field this DVD is a must see for all serious air gun shots.