Sporting Air Rifles Part 1 Getting Started


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DVD 211200
Running Time: 57 mins

Andy Richardson owns Safari In Scotland specialising as a Goose and Woodpigeon guide and is a recognised expert in the field of air rifle shooting and this programme has been designed as a guide to introduce novices to air rifles and air rifle shooting and the necessary safety precautions which must be adhered to when handling guns

There are helpful tips to youngsters and experienced shooters about choosing an air rifle to suit the purpose, fitting scopes, zeroing in sights and shooting knockdown targets. Both air rifles and pellets should be matched for the purpose and this is explained in some detail.

Richardson shows the various shooting positions including free standing, kneeling and using tripods.

The programme concludes with useful advice on obtaining permission to shoot and an ‘in the field’ section covering checking the rifle and scope before taking shots and how to shoot rabbits and wood pigeons in the open and feral pigeons around farm buildings.