A Goose Guides Shooting Season


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DVD 211191
Running Time: 90 mins

We join professional guide Andy Richardson for a full season of Inland Goose Shooting from the beginning of October to the end of January. Based in Aberdeenshire, Andy has access to thousands of acres of farmland used by overwintering Geese, which migrate from Iceland in late September and return there to breed in April.

The programme includes superb footage of Geese being called into decoy patterns to be shot by a team of dedicated Goose shooters who return year after year for a shooting experience not to be missed. Goose shooters who have been lucky enough to shoot decoyed Geese will know just how exciting this sport is. We join the shooters in all weather conditions shooting over a variety of crops to experience the excitement of ‘Goose Fever’.

To dedicated Goose shooters the size of the bag is less important than the enjoyment which comes from being out in wild places listening to the sound of the Geese, bantering with old friends and pitting their hunting skills against a truly wild quarry regardless of the weather.