The Etiquette & Technique of Game Shooting


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Running Time: 180 mins

On this programme Mich’l Pinker and Barry Wilcox, who have many years of shooting experience between them, explain everything that the shooter needs to know before venturing into the shooting field, either as a novice or as an experienced shot.

Topics covered include the choice of gun, whether side by side or over and under, calibre of gun and the importance of the correct fitting of the gun. The choice of cartridges is also mentioned.

Safety is covered in some detail with advice on opening and closing a loaded gun and the dangers of mixing cartridges of differing sizes.

Etiquette on a shoot day is all important and Mich’l Pinker and Barry Wilcox explain in some detail how to behave upon arrival on a shoot, including the shoot rules and regulations, the draw for peg numbers, good manners in relation to travelling in shoot vehicles, the subject of dogs behaviour and thanking the beaters and the keeper at the end of the day. Sensible advice is also given on clothing.

The ‘on the peg’ information about angles of fire, being ready and safe, and ‘neighbours birds’ is particularly helpful, especially for a novice shot.

On this programme Mich’l Pinker and Barry Wilcox, who have many years of Game shooting experience between them, explain the techniques required to be a successful Game shot.

Simulated Driven Grouse tuition on clays, both driven and crossing and safety in the butt are explained before the item on Driven Grouse in the field which features the unique talent of A J ‘Smoker’ Smith making what is an extremely difficult skill look pretty easy.

The programme covers the two techniques of ‘Walked up’ Grouse, both shooting over Pointers when only two guns shoot over the dogs, and shooting ‘In line’ when several guns walk in line and shoot over a variety of dogs.

The spectacular Lammermuir Hills form the surroundings for the programme’s coverage of Driven Partridge shooting.

Shooting high Pheasants consistently well is a real art and Mich’l Pinker shows the techniques required to shoot birds at long distances. The coverage of high Pheasants in the field shows some really spectacular Pheasants being dealt with using the appropriate techniques.

Mich’l Pinker is the proprietor of Lady’s Wood shooting school in Gloucestershire, known for it’s natural surroundings, hospitality and excellent shooting tuition.