Introduction to Shooting Down the Line


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DVD 211113
Running Time: 45 mins

Down-the-line is the most popular of the trap disciplines and is enjoyed by the newcomer and experienced shot alike. To shoot Down-the-line consistently you need a good basic technique and lots of concentration.

John Bidwell, a winner of both the British and World Sporting Championships also Author of the book ‘Move mount shoot’ is a highly respected clay shooter and teaches at all levels of the sport. John demonstrates the basic stance and gun mounting technique to shoot Down-the-line.

John is joined by two pupils and discusses the basic equipment and clothing required for the sport, before instructing the pupils on shooting the discipline. John gives advice on stance and gun mounting positions and demonstrates with his own inidividual style how to become a consistent and successful shot.

Finally john Bidwell is joined by John Grice, Universal Trap World Champion, providing the opportunity to study his winning technique.