Cocker Spaniel Training Master Class – Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4


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Running Time: 410 mins

Contents: PART 1- The Puppy, play training, Introduction to lead, Equipment & whistle commands, Walking on lead, Introduction to transport, Walking of lead, Family dog, Transport, Basic training, Quartering, Dummy retrieve, Introduction to jumping fence, Retrieving over fence, Retrieving.

PART 2 – Retrieving cold game, Introduction to shot, Problem retrieves, Training Session family pet, Retrieving, Jumping and retrieving over fence, Free time, Introduction to live stock, Training session, Live stock, Introduction to wire fence.

PART 3 – Problem Retrieves 2, Training session, Retrieving over fence and gully, Cold game retrieve 2, Retrieving over stone wall, Unseen retrieve, Introduction to rabbits, Rabbits in hedge row, Transport, Intro to shotgun and retrieve, Following scent line, Introduction to warm game, Handling out, Introduction to water.

PART 4 – Introduction to rabbit shooting, Advanced training, Refresher training, Introduction to rough shooting and beating line. Picking up, The Shooting Day.