Ten Ways to Become Your Dogs Pack Leader


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Running Time: 95 mins

Keith Mathews, ‘The Dog Guru’ is famed for his highly entertaining and refreshing teaching manner, as well as for his ability to rehabilitate dogs with extreme behavioural problems and red zone aggression. His reputation for helping owners’ regain control of their wayward pets – thereby enhancing the lives of both – led to him being chosen as the presenter for the BBC series, ‘Good Dog Bad Dog’.

In this series, ‘Think Dog’, Keith teaches us to see the world through our dog’s eyes. His training messages – based on his training method, ‘Calmness leading to reward’ – are enthralling, informative, entertaining and backed up with numerous practical examples from his past experience.

The first three episodes of the ‘Think Dog’ series include: ‘Start as you mean to go on’, ‘Ten ways to become your dog’s pack leader’ and ‘The common sense approach to basic dog training and behaviour’. For the best results in core dog training techniques, we recommend you watch all three programmes.

‘Ten ways to become your dog’s pack leader’ analyses the evolution of the dog, and how the actions of their human owner can conflict with the dog’s instinctive behaviour. Keith explains the roots of canine behaviour and demonstrates that in applying the correct knowledge, the dog can be managed more effectively. Most importantly, he explains that being ‘kind to our dogs’ can actually increase their stress and anxiety levels – the underlying cause of most canine aggression.