Pinewood Interlocking Lofting Poles (x5)


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Pinewood Lofting Interlocking Poles NEW AND IMPROVED
Less bend from joint stronger tube same low weight
Pinewood’s lightweight aluminium lofting poles are made from in 5x5ft sections. Locking together with the unique Pinewood interlocking spring loaded joints the poles will not separate when putting up or taking down decoys. And finished in matt green camouflage, the poles are machined to fit the lofting branch head to stop turning to get decoys up in branches where they can be really seen by pigeons.
Pinewood Single Rocker Lofting Hooks a full bodied decoy is placed onto the plug at the top of the lofter. The lofting poles position the bird while the
counter weight keeps it perfectly balanced and swaying gently in the trees.