Gundog Sound Therapy CD


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Running Time: 70 mins

With a greater hearing ability than humans, dogs are able to detect sounds over a much wider range of frequencies that we can. This is adequately demonstrated by their capacity to hear the high frequency sound of a ‘silent’ dog whistle.

Although dogs inherited their acute hearing from the wolf, modern-day dogs have to cope with a much louder and more diverse sound-scape than past generations of canines.

‘GUNDOG Sound Therapy ‘ is CD containing general noisy sounds that a shooting dog will experience in its working life as well as sounds that scare many dogs. Travelling to the shoot, Gunfire, Thunder, Fireworks, Traffic around the farm. Specific shooting situation, Beating line, Peg Dog, Duck Shooting, Geese shooting and many more different tracks which will introduce your dog to a wide range of sounds, carefully selected to cover both common, and less common sounds which can startle dogs.

Using ‘Sound Therapy for Dogs’

If you can, introduce your dog to potentially startling sounds as early as possible. The best time to start this is during its initial socialisation (when your new dog first joins your family).

Play the CDs to your dog in short sessions. Gradually increase the volume at which they are played over a period. If you can, use a shuffle setting to play the tracks in a different order each time. Play the CDs to your dog in a variety of places, in different rooms in the home, in the car and garden for example. This will help your dog to avoid associating specific sounds with specific situations, events or locations, which can lead to or reinforce sound phobic behaviour in some dogs.

Your own behaviour towards your dog whilst playing the CDs is equally important. Try to ignore any anxious behaviour your dog exhibits. Soothing your dog rewards its anxious behaviour and reinforces its insecurities.

Dogs are pack animals. Aggressive or anxious behaviour in dogs is often caused by owners failing to act as good pack leaders. You will help your dog cope with its anxiety when faced with loud or unfamiliar sounds if you show the qualities of a good pack leader. Project a calm, confident aura to provide your pet with the re-assurance it needs.

If your dog shows repeated signs of aggression or distress when the sound disks are playing, discontinue their use and seek professional guidance from your vet or dog trainer.

These disks can also be useful in helping to desensitise dogs with noise phobias, but we always advise you to carry out any treatment under the supervision of your vet or dog trainer.