Fly Tying Irish Style Dry Flies & Emergers


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DVD 211351
Running Time: 60 mins

Stevie Munn has many years of game angling experience in Ireland and many around the world. He has gained a wealth of expertise over a lifetime of fishing, and offers his unique instruction on fly tying and fishing a variety of Rivers, Stillwaters, and Loughs.

As a beginner or a more experienced angler, you may wish to take the opportunity to enjoy learning the necessary fly tying and fishing skills and correct casting techniques from a qualified coach, avoiding the many common casting faults and frustrations experienced by so many fly fishers.

Our aim is that you enjoy your time spent with us, and use it as a platform to enhance your enjoyment of this wonderful sport.
Irish Dry Flies have the characteristic appearance both in colour and outline shape of many of the classic Irish lough flies, particularly Mayflies.

They use the colour of the countryside particularly autumn with its rich mix of fiery browns, russets, olives and reds. Modern materials such as CDC dubbing and CDC feathers give greater buoyancy to new and old patterns.
Emergers also now play a large part in dry fly fishing. Stevie Munn is going to tye some of his personal favourites. These flies will work on rivers, loughs, and stillwaters anywhere around the world. And they will catch fish.