Fly Fishing & River Bank Entomology Volume 3



DVD 73
Running Time: 75 mins

These programmes are for the fisherman who does not under take fly tying each programme if full of fly-fishing tips and knowledge from the UK’s top all round Fly fisherman. Each programme in this series contains expanded versions of the fly-fishing and entomology featured in the FLY TYING & FLY FISHING series.

Contents: Fishing small Irish Lough early Spring Duck fly/midge, September Grayling fishing, River bed entomology, Sea trout fishing in estuary, Irish Sea trout fishing, Spring fishing with midge small Irish river, E.J. Malone the Irish Mayfly, Mayfly Nymph, The Mayfly life cycle, Fishing a Scottish hill Loch, Land bred flies entomology, Fishing Lough earn Mayfly time, Fishing still water with the buzzer.