Basic Training for the Gun and Advanced Spaniel Training for Field and Trials


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Running Time: 158 mins

There is no mystique to training a good working spaniel, and many can train one up to a standard which will give them pride and enjoyment, but it does not need ‘know how’. In this video Ian Openshaw and Martin Deeley provide the ‘know how’, clearing, showing and explaining step-by-step the methods and techniques you can use to train your spaniel to hunt and retrieve for the gun.

Ian Openshaw is a top professional trainer and handler, having made up numerous Field Trail Championships and won both the Irish and British Championships. Ian is joined by Martin Deeley who is a leading gundog commentator and author.

For those handlers who want to enter competition or just get more out of working their dog in the field, advanced Spaniel Training provides a clear step by step approach to advanced training.

Following on from basic Spaniel Training for the gun, in this video Ian Openshaw and Martin Deeley explain the way to train your dog to handle any situation you may enoucnter in the field and polish it to the high standards required of the top level spaniels today.