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DVD 211188 (DVD)
Shooting Inland Geese Over Decoys  
Those people who have been lucky enough to shoot decoyed Geese will know just how exciting a sport it is. Some of them will even have suffered from 'Goose Fever'. To dedicated Goose shooters the size of the bag is unimportant relative to the enjoyment they get from being out in wild places, listening to the sound of wild geese and pitting their wits against a truly wild quarry species. Andy Richardson is a professional guide for inland Goose shooting. Based in Aberdeenshire he has access to thousands of acres of farmland where the Geese feed in the winter. This programme illustrates the time and effort involved in locating feeding Geese, the chosen field, hide building and setting out the decoys for maximum effect. The programme also shows some superb shots of Geese being called into the decoy pattern, being shot by a team of dedicated Goose shooters, and being expertly retrieved by a well-trained dog.In addition to being a Goose guide, Richardson is a competent chef and he shows off some of his culinary skills by preparing and cooking freshly shot Geese and serving them to appreciative Goose shooters thereby utilizing a valuable food resource

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 Aproximate Running Time - 90 mins

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